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The African "Rosewood"

Our Bob Lee Elite series handles are hand-cut, hand-shaped and hand-finished from select grade Bubinga.

Bubinga (Guibourtia demeausei) is the African heavyweight with remarkable figure. And, at Bob Lee Archery, we reserve the finest, most select grade and figured class of Bubinga for our customer's bows. This premium selection is also prized by luthiers (artisans of stringed instruments, such as guitars and violins).

The Bubinga grain is heavily-laden with nature's swirling creation, and sports multi-shaded, interlocking bands of colour in reddish hues. The immensely rich qualities of this wood develop during the "woodturning" process, revealing an even texture among delicate veins of dark red.

PLEASE NOTE: Every Bob Lee model, with the exception of the Hunter takedown recurve, is available in Bubinga. If you do not see photo representation of your preferred Bubinga model, please ask about availability. Thank you!


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60 YEARS of

In 1951, Bob Lee built his first bow, which now proudly hangs in the lobby of our new facility...

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Recurves and longbows perfect for maneuvering in treestands and blinds, our short risers are available in all one-piece and takedown recurves and longbows
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Bob Lee in
The Hall of Fame
Bob Lee received standing ovations when inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame and the Lone Star Bowhunters Hall of Fame for his contributions to traditional archery...
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