Blonde, Brunette, Bold and Beautiful

Tiger-striped curly maple and deep brown exotic African Shedua in a divided and embellished handle paired with stunning limbs of burled birdseye maple.

Arrow shelf is cut to center for optimal arrow flight

Legendary Bob Lee grip for unparalleled comfort

The Bob Lee exclusive double-bolt attachment system to ensure the most positive alignment obtainable, with a fit of +/– .002, and produce enhanced speed and accuracy

Reflex/deflex ratio to allow for zero stacking and greater accuracy

Three-piece assembly offers the advantage of easier-transport and limb weight versatility - heavier limbs for hunting, lighter limbs for target shooting


All models ship with a Flemish string, bow stringer, and Bow Care DVD and include a two-year warranty

Draw weights available from 30-70 lbs.

19" Handle
for 58, 60, 62 and 64 inch bows

17" Handle
for 54, 56, 58 and 60 inch bows

Clear glass over:
Birdseye Maple Karelian Birch Burl
Mappa Burl African Bubinga

Custom built for $1255

Recommended Lengths for our
Recurves and Longbows
Measured from string to far side of arrow shelf
Draw Length Bow Length
26" & Under 56" Bow
27" to 28" 58" or 60" Bow
28" to 30" 60", 62" or 64" Bow
30" & up 64", 66", or 68" Bow

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Bob Lee's early designs are still coveted and admired by collectors and archery history buffs -- and no wonder:

The photo at right, taken in the early 1970s, depicts just a few of the exceedingly-popular Wing bow designs.

The Red Wing Hunter one-piece recurve, at top, was a Wing bestseller and still prevalent among today's collectors. The Falcon one-piece recurve, center, was also a well-received model. And the Presentation II, or P-II, at bottom, was an industry forerunner -- the first wooden three-piece bow, invented by Bob Lee.

The Jaguar skin used as a backdrop in this photo was harvested by Bob in 1974, and hangs in our current facility, along with each of the bows pictured here.

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