Bicentennial Stick

This special edition stick bow features a divided handle pairing exotic Shedua with the strength and beauty of black micarta intersected by a choice of black and white micarta striping or layers of black micarta with Shedua.

An overlay on the handle back features five layers of black and white micarta -- or black micarta with Shedua -- with matching limb tips, providing incredible style in a smooth-shooting package.

Custom built, $1035 - Includes Flemish string and bow stringer

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Recommended lengths for our Sticks
(Measured from string to far side of arrow shelf)
Draw Length Limb Length
Up to 26" 58" Limbs
27" 60" Limbs
28" 62" Limbs
29" 64" Limbs
30" & up 66" Limbs

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In the early days of his career as a bowyer (he's in his 60th year now!) one of Bob's "brands" was the Stetson that almost always crowned his head.

A plethora of vintage Wing advertisements depict Bob donning his signature headpiece.

The photo at right was considered so iconic that the company's logo has been stylized in its likeness.

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