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Bob Lee Takedown Recurves and Longbows
(And yes, we build left-handed bows)

In 1963, Bob Lee introduced the first detachable limb bow, the Presentation II, which redefined an industry. Our takedown recurves pay tribute to that benchmark bow, providing ease of transport and versatility in limb options. 

That same spirit of innovation is evident in our new attachment technology:

A tool-free limb system, Stabi-LockTM provides performance-boosting power through additional stabilizing mass, precision limb alignment, and exceptional noise supression for an amazingly quiet shot.

Stabi-LockTM is included in our LEGACY LE our ULTIMATE model (winner of Bowhunting World's Best Bow), and our P3 Long Riser. Or, add the Stabi-LockTM system to any of our Bicentennial models (those with half-phenolic handles. Call or email to inquire.

On standard Bob Lee models, our renowned exclusive double-bolt design ensures the most positive coupling obtainable, with a fit of +/– two-thousandths of an inch, while the perfect ratio of reflex/deflex allows for zero stacking and incredible accuracy.

Elite Series
  BUBINGA MODELS  click for info..
Exotic Series
  SHEDUA MODELS  click for info..
The Natural
  CURLY MAPLE and SHEDUA  click for info..
The Heavyweight
  ALL-PHENOLIC RISER  click for info..
Performance Series featuring Stabi-LockTM
  THE Award-Winning ULTIMATE  click for info..
  THE P3 (Presentation III) LONG RISER  click for info..
The Bob Lee Legacy
  60th Anniversary Limited Edition   click for info..

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Since 1951, Bob Lee Archery has been a pioneer in promoting traditional archery through the manufacture of traditional take down recurves, long bows and stick bows.

We remain exceedingly grateful for your patronage and your camaraderie!