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Bob Lee
Retrospective Album

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Bob Lee Benchmarks

Bob Lee's journey to the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame began at the age of 23, when Bob attended one of Texas' first organized shoots and became enthralled with the advanced archery equipment he discovered therein.

Bob Lee forms Wing Archery Company in Houston, Texas, producing handcrafted, custom traditional archery equipment

Through dogged determination (and the donation of many Red Wing Hunter model bows), Bob Lee lobbies successfully for an archery-only hunting season

Bob assists in forming the Pope & Young Club, an organization dedicated to developing records for quality game taken with a bow and arrow -- the archery counterpart of the Boone & Crockett records club

Bob produces the Presentation II, the first laminated takedown (3-piece) bow. The P-II proves an overwhelming and immediate success, and will be regarded for decades to come as one of the finest models the industry has seen

The company relocates its operations to Jacksonville, Texas, establishing itself as one of the largest employers in the city, with shipments exceeding 300 bows per day

Bob is instrumental in forming the national Archery Manufacturers Organization (AMO), an association that develops industry trade standards for measuring bow weight, draw lengths, etc.

Bob sells Wing Archery, the third largest archery manufacturing company in the world, to Head Ski and remains as CEO

Bob Lee retires his position with Head Ski (then owned by AMF-Head)

Bob and son Rob form a partnership to launch Bob Lee Archery with a newfound committment to the preservation of handcrafted, handfinished bows -- at a rate of up to 3 bows per day, a stark contrast to the mass production volume of the Wing heyday

Bob Lee is inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame at a dedication ceremony in Las Vegas before a standing ovation

The company moves into a newly-constructed facility on 9 acres in Jacksonville

The company celebrates Bob’s 60th anniversary in bow-building. The lobby in the new facility serves as a Wing museum where Bob’s first bow, produced in 1951, hangs with dozens of Wing models.

Bob Lee bows continue to enjoy a steadfast market of loyalists around the globe. His Wing bows from decades past are coveted by collectors and still used by target shooters and hunters. And, at age 83, Bob still works full-time in the business -- designing and handcrafting bows.

Order your bow today, and own a piece of history -- built to your specs -- by Bob Lee, archery pioneer
Bob's Wing bow models have proven to be enduring designs -- and represent the legacy that this early pioneer has afforded the industry.

Pictured at right, the Presentation I boasted an extreme amount of mass via black phenolic, a linen-based resin often branded under the name Micarta®.

This bow hangs in our lobby, where special mounting techniques were undertaken to display -- and support -- this very heavy hitter.

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